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We're looking for hard cock ladyboys and couples to submit photos and videos to us! (over 18 years old only). We want to see real stuff, shot by you (or them). You don't have to be a professional photographer, just keep it real! In your hotel room, in a short time room, in their room, in the street, in a taxi, wherever you want. Just make it authentic and fun!

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We pay PER PHOTO and PER MINUTE. Nudes will generally pay $1 for each, and hardcore sex pays $2 per photo. You can send us as many photos as you'd like and cash in on every photo you have. There is no limit on how many photos and videos you can send us!

For video we pay between $5 - $10 per minute of USEABLE video. That means, after you send us the video, after we edit it (chopping out camera shakes or shots of the floor), what is left is how much you will get paid for. A 15 minute scene, depending on what it is, you can make $75 - $150. The better the video, the more we are willing to spend for it. If you have great photos and videos, have hot sex and capture the cum shots, we'll work something special out for you. Again, be creative and keep it realistic and fun!

How do we pay you?

We can pay you with Paypal, but if it's over $500 USD, we can send you a bank wire if you'd like. Just let us know.

What documents do you need?

We need to get a valid government issued ID (passport, drivers license) from each person appearing in the videos/photos. This is private information that we do not give out or add to your submission, but we must keep it on file in our records. It's the law. We also need a signed "model release" form by each performer. You can download that by clicking here. You, the submitter, are the producer/primary producer, so don't forget to sign that area. Be sure to send all of this in with your photos or videos.

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We love photos like this!We love photos like this!We love photos like this!

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